Opening a bank account in Portugal

Exclusive bank account in Europe! The answer is yes; the opening of a bank account in Portugal in the most prestigious banks of this country will be an exceptional opportunity for dear fellow citizens to benefit from the benefits of a bank account in Europe.

Advantages of opening a bank account in Portugal

Having an active bank account in a European country and a member of the European Union alone can be a very good driving force for businessmen, business owners, students, and even individuals who want to get permanent residence in Portugal. A modern and integrated banking system that will enable the opening of a bank account in Portugal in a variety of ways. Short-term accounts, long-term accounts, savings and current accounts, as well as business accounts are considered to be of various types of bank accounts in Portugal, which will enable applicants to benefit from their many benefits.   But the most important advantages of opening a bank account in Portugal are as follows

  • Ability to open account types
  • Possibility to receive a bank card
  • All Portuguese and European Union devices can be used
  • The possibility of transferring funds to the EU
  • Possibility to use Mobile Bank and Internet Bank
  • Ability to get an account report in English
  • Possibility to use banking facilities

IPG has more than a decade of experience in providing residental immigration services, with its experienced lawyers in legal affairs, in direct contact with the Millennium BCP Bank, which is also considered one of Portugal's most important and largest banks, as well as several credible banks. The government and government in this country will enable Iranian nationals to benefit from the opening of a bank account without having to travel to Portugal.

Bank of the Most Reputable Bank of Portugal introduced

Based on many years of financial and legal experience in the country, IPG offers its clients the opportunity to open a bank account in Portugal for non-residents through the most prestigious banks in the European Union (Schengen), in which real and legal persons Provides their needs.

Bank account opening service in Portugal

Given the growing demand for cooperation with European banks in the country, the possibility of opening accounts in banks from countries that are members of the European Union is of great importance. Thus, IPG, some time ago, decided to cooperate with European banks to open accounts by Iranian legal and legal entities, and, together with its lawyers in Portugal, was able to agree with two outstanding banks to open an account for Iranians.

Bank accounts for real people:
Millennium BCP
Bank accounts for legal entities:
Millennium BCP

Dear Applicant, you can open your bank account at any of these banks