Stay in Portugal

Introducing the country of Portugal

Portugal is a country with an area of ​​92, 212 square kilometers, with a population of just over 10 million. A country in the southwestern part of the continent of Europe, which borders the north and east with Spain, reaches the Atlantic to the south and west; with about 800 km of Atlantic coastline along the three continents of America, Africa, and Europe. The islands of Madeira and Azores, located in the Atlantic Ocean, are part of the country's land. The official language is Portuguese and the official currency for trading in Portugal is the euro. Portugal is the westernmost continent country of the European Union and is governed by a republican democracy. An interesting point about Portugal is that there is no official religion in this country, although more than 81 percent of the Portuguese people are Catholic Christians. The proclamation of the independent kingdom of Portugal dates back to 1139, and although the great empire created by the Portuguese sailors in that era was declining, the period of its existence was so high that today the Portuguese government is the third largest colonial country in the world.
Portugal is ethnically homogeneous and about 97% of the population is Portuguese. According to the latest official census in Portugal, there are nearly 500,000 legal immigrants in Portugal. Olive, grapes, dairy, potatoes, and tomato are the most important crops in Portugal. On the other hand, it includes refining oil, plastics, liquor, fabric, paper, shoes, and pottery of the country's major productions. In a word, Portugal is a European country with all the climatic, cultural, and historical characteristics of the continent, and the reception of Portuguese residence, as described below, can be the best option for those who, for whatever reason, are living conditions outside of They do not have Iran, but they are very powerful with a passport after seeking a European residence card

The process of obtaining residence in Portugal

The process of obtaining Portuguese residency is a very technical and sensitive process, which will require a thorough examination of the requirements of the applicant for immigration, as well as accurate information on the latest immigration rules of Portugal. Although many stages of Portugal's settlement are the same in different immigration methods, there will still be differences depending on the way that Portugal is accommodated. If you apply for a Golden Visa and purchase property for the purpose of staying in Portugal, then, in addition to the customary legal process, you must select, buy and register the property in question, or if you intend to migrate to Portugal through an investment, you must first have an account Open a bank in this country and go through other legal procedures and obtain the tax code for the Portuguese residency process. We continue to emphasize that the process of obtaining residence in Portugal is a completely legal and technical process, and without knowing these laws and legal mechanisms, the process of immigration to this country will be very difficult and complicated.

The cost of obtaining a residence in Portugal

The cost of obtaining Portuguese residency is as much as two parts of many immigration processes.

• Legal costs of obtaining Portuguese residences;
                                 • Portugal Portugal Group's tariffs for services and partners for Portugal.

Legal fees for Portugal Accommodation All costs related to filing, translation and confirmation of documents, obtaining a tourist visa or Portuguese residence permit, property purchase or company registration, opening a bank account, receiving a tax code, and legal follow-up until the issuance of a temporary residence card Gets These costs are generally considered to be government expenditures and, depending on the different methods of staying, Portugal has little difference. Service costs are part of the costs that Almedia Legal, Immigration, Dais, and Partners receive from eligible applicants for Portuguese residency. Assist in collecting documents, filling out the relevant forms, obtaining tourist visas for initial travel to Portugal for a Golden Visa or obtaining a resident visa for D2 and D7 programs, accompanied by travelers in Portugal for the purchase of appropriate property or company registration, and items The other numerous are all the costs of obtaining Portuguese accommodation services.

Opening a bank account in Portugal

Opening a bank account in Portugal is one of the special services provided by International Portugal Group and its partners for applicants for Portuguese residency. Of course, these services will be subject to certain conditions in accordance with the specific rules for people who for any reason, such as studying or trading in Europe, need a bank account in a European country.
As noted, Portugal is a member of the European Union as well as the Schengen Agreement; therefore, having a credible bank account in Portugal allows the holder to receive or deposit with credit cards in any European Union bank. To make
The Millennium BCP Bank or the Commercial Bank of Portugal is one of the most prestigious banks in Portugal and the European Union, where applicants for the opening of a Portuguese bank account can exchange financially in Europe through their personal and legal accounts.
On the other hand, the opening of a bank account in Portugal for the purpose of obtaining Portuguese residency through the use of golden visas or investment and company registration is a necessary step.
Advice and action to open a bank account in Portugal

The cost of living in Portugal

As you know, the cost of living in Portugal or any other country depends to a large extent on the lifestyle of the individual and the family. Therefore, the cost of living in Portugal is different for each person depending on personal and family standards. But in general, according to the latest evaluations by the website, at least a monthly budget of 1,700 euros is required for a dual family in Portugal's small towns. It covers the cost of housing, food, clothing, transport, etc., and at least the cost of a modest living in small towns in Portugal.
This number starts at 2,200 euros per month in Portugal's major cities such as Lisbon. With a simple comparison of living expenses in Portugal compared to other European countries, Portugal will be considerably cheaper to live in a country. Hence, many of Portugal are considered one of the cheapest European countries to live and study.

Working conditions in Portugal

The rules of employment in Portugal are country-specific laws and, to better understand the working conditions in Portugal, we might be better off talking about these rules. Of course, alumina, Daysham, and partners are willing to provide expert advice on the job market, job opportunities, and how to apply for work to respected applicants to facilitate and expedite the process of obtaining Portuguese residency as much as possible.

Permanent work in Portugal

Although some of the economic difficulties in Portugal over the past few years have been rivaling for a decent job in this country and, of course, has increased Portugal's residence, but the degree of education, proper work and, of course, mastery of Portuguese language, can make Portugal a lot of permanent employment. To work.
Job-related accounting and IT-related businesses are considered to be Portugal's jobs with a greater chance of finding them. Also, skilled labor in industrial fields will also have a high chance of finding a suitable job. Occupations for health, agriculture, and the tourism industry are also other work groups with good job opportunities for them.
Official staff in Portugal work for up to 40 hours a week (8 hours per day, including two official weekly holidays), and can take up to 22 days a year, regardless of the holiday season.

Student work in Portugal

As noted, getting Portugal to study abroad is one of the best ways to immigrate to the country. But are applicants in the country allowed to work in Portugal? The answer is yes. Under Portuguese law, international students may work part-time or full-time in the country depending on the degree they study.
The most important point in Portugal's student labor discussion is as far as the degree of proficiency in Portuguese is concerned. Anyway, this is more dominant, the more likely it will be to find a more suitable job. Students studying in Portugal at undergraduate, postgraduate, and postgraduate levels can work from the Immigration Department 10, 20, and 30 hours a week, respectively.
After graduation, one year will be given to the person to find a job in his country and work there. This is very important in the future of Portugal's future reception process

Conditions for studying in Portugal

Portugal is one of the best European countries to study. Suitable academic expenses are considered as beautiful in the country as compared to other European countries, a very good academic rank of the universities, appropriate research facilities, and up-to-date facilities that meet the standards of the day.
Another important benefit of getting Portugal to study is no age limit for education. This means that applicants of studying in Portugal at any age can study at any time.
IELTS Language Score, proper financial accountability, and academic admission from a university or accredited educational institution are the most important conditions for studying in Portugal.

Getting Portugal with Portugal Portugal Group

International Portugal Group, with years of experience in offering Portuguese and immigration services to Europe, will have the expertise and central office in Lisbon, ready to provide VIP services to applicants for immigration to Europe.
The entire process of obtaining Portuguese residency at the International Portugal Group & Partners Company will be under the supervision of a company's senior lawyers specializing in immigration and resettlement, and hence the chance of success of the residence permit at this company is at its highest. Extensive public relations, along with awareness of the latest immigration rules, will give those applicants the opportunity to move in the right direction for Portugal to stay in the right direction and prevent the occurrence of problems in this difficult and technical way.

The process of finding the right investment for a golden visa

We specialize in International Portugal Group in the field of property and therefore, we will assist you in applying for your golden visa in the form of property investment. With more than 5 years of experience in this area, we can advise you to buy the best property. You can spend less time and money by looking at the detailed images and detailed descriptions of online properties, and make the best decision by searching our website. Join us on a journey to find the best and most suitable real estate experience.

Golden visa process in Portugal

During your property search, our attorney can provide you with more detailed information about your individual visa application. With the help of our lawyer, as soon as you buy the property, to open the visa application process, you open a bank account and receive your tax number. The request is made through our lawyer and may take up to 6 months to confirm. If you also want to apply for a visa to your family members, this request will be made at the same time.

Bank account opening service in Portugal

Given the growing demand for cooperation with European banks in the country, the possibility of opening accounts in banks from countries that are members of the European Union is of great importance. Hence, Nilgam Travel, with a brilliant record in tourism and residential activities, had long since decided to cooperate with European banks to open an account by Iranian legal and legal entities, and with his lawyers in Portugal, he was able to work with two outstanding banks of the country To open an account for Iranians to agree.

first year

Your application has been verified and you have now received your 1 year resident card through which you can travel freely to the countries of the Schengen area. In the first year, you must stay in Portugal for at least 7 days. At the end of the first year, you must complete the renewal process for your next residence card. You can request a new residence card for 30 days before your 1 year card expires

The second and third years

You now have a new residence card that is valid for 2 years. During these two years, you must stay in Portugal for at least 14 days (consecutive or non-consecutive). At the end of this two year period, another renewal process will take place.

Fourth and Fifth Years

Now you have another residence card that is valid again for two years. You must also remain in Portugal for at least 14 days (consecutive or non-consecutive). At the end of this period, the last process will be completed. After the last renewal process, you can extend your visa or apply for permanent residence. For applying for permanent residency, the applicant will apply for a Portuguese language proficiency test (level A2)

Sixth year

You now have either an Extended Gold Visa or a Permanent Residence. At the end of this year, you can apply for a citizenship. Applicants must apply for a language test to apply for citizenship.

What documents do you need for a Golden Visa in Portugal?

  • Valid passport
  • If applicable, Schengen visa (through which you arrive in Portugal)
  • A statement from one of the Portuguese banks to confirm the transfer of funds.
  • Investment certificate
  • Permanent Health Insurance in Portugal for All Applicants
  • No maladministration and any ban in Portugal
  • No alert from Portuguese Migration Offices or Schengen Offices
  • Junior degree for children aged 6 or older (includes children over 18 years of age in this request.) This certificate may be a student card or confirmation of registration.
  • Family member financial support

The following documents must be legalized (in one of the Portuguese embassies in your country) and translated into Portuguese (in the consulate offices):

  • Certificate of lack of background from your country of origin ** You, your spouse and children over the age of 16 *
  • Marriage contract
  • Child Birth Certificate
  • Only applicable to members of the family who apply for a residence visa in their name
  • Please note that the certificate of non-compliance is usually valid only for 3 months